Welcome to Class

Welcome to WRA-150-731 Summer 2014

This class will focus on social media and identity and hopefully will give you some new insights, writing skills and might even be a bit fun.

Our online class will be using this space to post responses, information and ideas.

All Essays will be emailed to me:  fischfer@msu.edu

Grades will be posted in D2L.

Please take the time to learn all about this space because we will use it often (like 5 days a week often). You will be expected to participate each listed day by 11:59 pm EST. No late work is accepted so please make sure to have a back up plan in case your tech fails.

Please carefully read the syllabus – this is an agreement and guide for the course and you will be held accountable for the information in it.  If there are questions please let me know.

There are no books to buy for this class- I will provide all articles either in PDF form or via links.

Last thing- if you follow this blog- you will get an email each time I make a post- it’s an easy way to stay on top of things!



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