Remix is a way to represent your essay ideas. So how the @(#)$*(#%&*(#%&) do you do that?

1) Breathe- composing takes many forms.  This can be a video, this can be a song/poem/rap, this can be a video of a dance, this could be a video of a puppet show.

2) Have fun- use essay 1 or 2 and show me the key points (hey that thesis thing!) in a new form- music, color, images, motion, dancing cats?

3) Look at the samples for ideas- dig into that creative center (you know the one that still loves to color with crayons? and if you don’t think you do, get a box of crayons and thank me later!)

Thanks folks for all the hard work!  We are almost done and you have rocked it out!

4) Make sure that you take the idea of writing in online spaces and show what it might be like- make sure to have

  • Thesis
  • Beginning, middle, end
  • clear topic
  • References Page



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