Last Steps

Thank you all for such hard work this semester.

Most of you had never worked in online spaces before and the amazing growth you have shown is impressive.

Last steps:

1) Fill out the survey

Students are required to complete the SIRS Online form OR indicate within that form that they decline to participate.  Otherwise, final grades (for courses using SIRS Online) will be sequestered for seven days following the course grade submission deadline for this semester.

2) In a short paragraph posted on the page- write a final reflection.

Grades are due Friday – so please have everything completed by then.



2 thoughts on “Last Steps

  1. Before the course, online write is totally new for me. During the course, I felt it is really different. I need to do much more things than regular class. Most of the knowledge is needed to find by ourselves. For example, we know the APA format through videos. Yet in the regular class, professors will tell us most of knowledge, we just need to do assignments. The process of writing online is much more beneficial. And the multi-media creation is a really time consuming work.I need to think how to be creational and find lots of resources. But it does a good way to represent. I express my ideas comprehensively. I can translate them into audios, pictures and even videos. For the classmates I did not meet, they are really helpful (because we have a chat group). When I have some questions, they always give me the answers. And their responses for my post are useful, I can find my mistakes. Also the process of reading their post expands my outlook. I always get new ideas from their posts. In short, this course is a really helpful course, it makes me experience online course, feel the differences. The process is beneficial because I access most knowledge by myself.

  2. Time flies. Two months has gone, but in these two month, I finished my first online course in my life, WRA 150. To be honest, during this course, there was not as much fun as the course with classmates in the normal semester because we could just do the project by ourselves and did not have classmate or professor to talk about face to face. This will cause kind of lonely feeling to us, but on the other hand, I really learned something in writing and over the writing. About writing, I used APA format to write an essay for the first and I used data log in my essay. These are the new thing I learned in this summer. Also I improved my writing skills a lot because the professor’s help and my classmates’ advise. Over the writing, I used social media a lot. According to this, I connected with others a lot, especially with professor. I think the most interesting project is the remix. I made a video about the summery of essay one and essay two. Actually, this is my first time to make the video. I learned a lot from it, like how to remix all the information together. All in all, from this course I learned a lot and improved myself.

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