Welcome to Week 4

Hi All,

This week we are focusing on the Discipline Essay.  This essay focuses on how writing in online spaces/the web/the internet/email is used in your future career plans.  When you are researching and interviewing for the essay make sure to look at how writing is used and especially how technology in writing is used.

Read about essay 3 because it’s not just written text, you MUST incorporate other forms with it  also this must be researched.


Week 4

Mo: Extended Outline posted

sample: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0072400536/19677/OutlineTemplateforMSWord.doc

Tu:Feedback to peers on the outline

We: Annotations due  – read the annotation space for instructions

TH: Response to the The Nature of Reading and Writing at Work”

FR: Essay 3 due


Great work this week

Good work Folks!

I am finishing up grading essay 1 and will attack essay 2 tomorrow.  D2L is being picky with me, so I will also endeavor to email each of you with your current grade status.

Keep up the hard work.

Prof FF

Interview Questions

Good start Folks,

However- these interview questions need to be used in Essay 3- which is discovering  about the web presence and how that works in their career.  Each question should either find out how often they use the internet/email  or how interactive and visible their business is.


Also- when I said first post/first credit- what I meant is that no duplicate questions, so if someone already had posted a question, please come up with a different question.

These questions should be used when you have your interviews and then incorporated into the essay 3.




Prof FF

Due Date Confusion

HI All,

I am getting this question a lot- so let clear things up and I apologize for any confusion.

The due dates are correct in the syllabus.  The day an item is listed is the due date.

For examples- if you check,it will show today, Friday, Essay 1- it means Essay 1 is due tonight by 11:59 EST.

I will post each week’s schedule by Sunday on the main blog as a reminder.

Good work!

Essay 1

Please go to d2l.msu.edu

log in with your MSU id

Find our class WRA 150-731

Find the dropbox for essay 1

Upload your file 🙂

Thanks and happy weekend!